Martin Lewis: How to teach yourself scam self-defence

Criminals aren’t always thugs with meaty arms and little between the ears. In our ever more interconnected world, these days many thieves wear suits, have charm, act in a sophisticated manner and make out they are on our side. 

Martin Lewis: Is there any point in being married?

You meet someone, fall in love, and hearts pop out of the sky when you look at them. They’re the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. But is there any point in actually being married?

Martin Lewis: Suing Facebook left me shaking - it’s now admitted 1,000s of fake ads, here’s the latest

Last Monday, I was shaking when I arrived home. That morning, in a personal capacity, I’d issued High Court proceedings for a campaigning defamation lawsuit against Facebook – my aim to stop it publishing scam ads for get-rich-quick schemes, such as those that include my face, which target vulnerable people. 

Martin Lewis: The five changes needed to improve the current student finance system

The following is a summary of my/MSE’s full submission to the Government’s Augar review of higher education.

Martin Lewis: Five refunds worth £1,000+ that millions are missing out on

Refund, refund, refund, (refund, refund). No I’m not stuck on repeat, I’m trying to hammer home that people are owed hundreds of millions of pounds that they’re just not claiming – most of which can be done with a quick click or phone call. Here’s what you need to do…

Martin Lewis to sue Facebook for defamation in groundbreaking campaigning lawsuit

Today (Monday 23 April), I will issue high court proceedings against Facebook, to try and stop all the disgusting repeated fake adverts from scammers it refuses to stop publishing with my picture, name and reputation. To explain it, below is the official press release announcing the action.

Martin Lewis: 3 tips to succeed if you want to start your own business, from an accidental entrepreneur

I consider myself an accidental entrepreneur. A true entrepreneur is someone whose aim is to set up a business or even multiple businesses to make money – a Peter Jones of Dragons’ Den type.

Martin Lewis: Big student loan shake-up means millions (but not everyone) will pay £1,000s less

On 6 April, we’ll see the biggest change to hit student finance since the new system launched in 2012. It’ll mean millions of university leavers will repay less, not just each month, but many (not all) will see the amount they repay in total reduced by £1,000s. While it affects almost all uni leavers to an extent,...

Martin Lewis: A warning to every UK worker aged 22+, you’re likely about to get a pay rise, but it may cost you

On 6 April, most UK workers aged 22 or over are due a hidden pay rise – but your employer doesn’t need to tell you. This is all about the ‘auto-enrolment’ scheme – where your employer has to contribute towards your pension, and now it’s going to have to give you even more. So I wanted to...

Martin Lewis: Spread the word – don’t believe scam Bitcoin Code or Bitcoin trading ads

I don’t do adverts. If you ever see one with my face or name on it, it is without my permission, and usually a scam. Admittedly some are supposedly legit firms bending the rules to imply a link (though do you really trust firms that’d do that anyway?). The latest Facebook ad plague with me in is...