A bipolar spree aiming to spend £131 million

A week ago, I announced the launch of the new Money and Mental Health Policy Institute. I’ve set it up to look at a range of measures to prevent the marriage made in hell that is debt and mental illness. You can read full details on what it’s about and what it’ll do here. On the back of it, I’ve...

Our response to the regulator’s PPI time-bar consultation… it’s a gross injustice!

The regulator the FCA has proposed time limiting PPI claims. Supposedly this is meant to be a boon to consumers. Yet in reality this is just a sop to banks to help them close off the huge liability that their fraudulent selling of PPI has been. The FCA published a consultation document; today is the last day for...

The new personal savings allowance means some will be better off earning LESS interest

Until now for every £100 of interest a basic-rate taxpayer earns outside an ISA, the taxman takes £20. Yet on 6 April, the savings landscape changes.  The new personal savings allowance (PSA) means ALL basic-rate taxpayers will be able to earn £1,000 a year interest on all savings, higher rate £500, tax-free. But within the way this works...

Warning: Your child’s savings will still be taxed like they’re yours, even after April’s changes

Big changes to savings are afoot from next April. The new personal savings allowance launches, allowing all basic-rate taxpayers to earn £1,000 in interest tax-free (higher-rate £500) from all types of savings (for want of doubt this includes high interest bank accounts and top normal savings).

What happened to the £10m (now £20m) I promised to donate to charity?

In June 2012 I pledged, when MSE joined the MSM group, that charities would receive £10 million. For transparency's sake periodically I bash out a quick blog explaining what's happening with the money.

Bigger savers – do you really need to spread your savings?

For years my safe savings mantra has been "you're protected up to £85,000 per person per UK-regulated financial institution" – therefore if you've got more, spread it into pots of no more than around £83,000 (to allow room for interest) to keep the whole amount protected.

Should I ditch Santander 123 due to the fee increase?

Santander 123 is the most innovative current account we've ever seen – it's been one of my top picks since it launched in 2012, yet it's now announced the fee will rise in January from £24 to £60 a year

Mental Health care waiting times can devastate finances

Break your arm or leg or have a heart attack and you get sent to Accident & Emergency. The NHS target is to see everyone within four hours, and while a few people fall foul of that, most don’t. Yet if you develop a mental health condition and need talking therapy, the stats show in some cases...

Smart-Pig student ad is thankfully deemed ‘irresponsible’

Back in October, while in the lift on the way to the tube, I spotted an advert from payday lender Smart-Pig, which targets students. After scanning it, as I often do, I noticed there was no APR and disgracefully, no mention of cost whatsoever. When I went on to its site to check out its charges, I...

Shame on you Virgin – using a hokey-cokey marketing trick to spam you

Richard Branson’s Virgin brand is supposed to pride itself on treating its customers right. Whether it lives up to it in practice is open to question, but I was shocked to see what I suspect is a deliberate attempt by the Virgin Atlantic credit card to befuddle consumers into signing up to its marketing, effectively a spammer’s...