Martin Lewis: A glimmer of hope for excluded new-starter self-employed

In March, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Chancellor was rightly lauded for putting together decades' worth of financial support measures in days. Millions of people, then and since, have had their incomes covered in a desperate time. Yet that has created a society of the helped and helped-nots. Up to three million people have been excluded from specific support schemes.

The recession’s over … it’s recovery time!

Great news isn’t it? Listening to yesterday’s budget, the political buzz-phrase that kept ringing out was “as we proceed to recovery”. Isn’t language marvellous? We went from boom-time, to downturn, then recession lasted a week, and now we’re “heading to recovery”.

Starting to convert the family…

They say the last to recognize a prophet are those closest. And while I’m certainly no prophet, I’ve been accused of MoneySaving zealotry many times, and predictably my family are the toughest to persuade.

ING Direct… A crash, a burn, a sell-out all in one!

You have to hand it to ING Direct; first it sold out its customers by continually allowing its rates to drop, now it’s put the rate up, and left its old “no tricks” branding out in the cold.