The recession’s over … it’s recovery time!

Great news isn’t it? Listening to yesterday’s budget, the political buzz-phrase that kept ringing out was “as we proceed to recovery”. Isn’t language marvellous? We went from boom-time, to downturn, then recession lasted a week, and now we’re “heading to recovery”.

Starting to convert the family…

They say the last to recognize a prophet are those closest. And while I’m certainly no prophet, I’ve been accused of MoneySaving zealotry many times, and predictably my family are the toughest to persuade.

ING Direct… A crash, a burn, a sell-out all in one!

You have to hand it to ING Direct; first it sold out its customers by continually allowing its rates to drop, now it’s put the rate up, and left its old “no tricks” branding out in the cold.