A UK-record 135,000 people switched energy in the MSE collective switch 4

The MSE collective switch 4 closed last Thursday, and we’ve been blown away, bowled over and victim of at least four other clichés by its success. The first three collective switches had seen 67,000, 72,000 and 86,000 people change their energy supplier – and each of those was in turn the UK’s biggest ever. Yet this is...

Hilton Hotels is suggesting that if you’re broke, you should spend £129 a night on its hotels

I've just received the following press release from Hilton Hotels, which is one of the most ill judged I've ever read. Some one at it, or its PR firm Grayling, whoever wrote it needs to get in the real world. It shows a firm totally out of touch.

Can a store charge more than its website? Plus other questions about pricing.

When is a price fair? It’s a question I’m often asked in a variety of incarnations. The problem with it is it presupposes that prices need to be fair – generally in the UK fairness is about communication and transparency rather than the actual rate you pay. Yet I want to take a few minutes and bash out a blog to answer some of the most common questions.

I’ve hired lawyers to investigate judicial reviewing Govt’s retrospective student loan hike

While the Chancellor talked about students in his Autumn Statement a few weeks ago, he chose to hide in the small print – or perhaps wasn't brave enough to speak about – a hike in the student loan repayments for all who've started since 2012.

World Duty Free doesn’t want to use my ‘you do need your boarding pass’ poster

In October I blogged that you DO need to show your boarding pass at duty free. Over the summer I was involved in a campaign to tell people not to show their boarding passes in airport shops, as there's no requirement to do so – and shops save money if you do, that they don't (but should) pass on to us. Yet the rules are different in World Duty Free shops.

Urgent! Help fight the Government’s student loan U-turn that means many will pay more

The Government is consulting on a retrospective change to student loans in England that could mean many who took them since 2012 will have to shell out more.

You DO have to show your boarding passes at duty free

You don't need to show your boarding pass at airport shops, but you do at duty free. A media furore over the summer has sown confusion, so it's time to clear it up…

The hidden reason Amazon is paying Clarkson & co so much for Top Gear

The papers have repeatedly splashed Amazon TV's triumphant signing of "star turns" Clarkson, Hammond and May in a rumoured £160 million Top Gear deal.

End car insurers auto-renewal rip-off! 10 rule changes needed

It used to be that you had to be insured to drive a car, but since 2011 you have to be insured to own one (unless you’ve a SORN). Car insurers have taken advantage of these continuous insurance rules to lock customers in by auto-renewing. In itself auto-renewing isn’t a bad thing – continual cover is a convenience...

Unbelievable! A news presenter just admitted on air ‘I don’t understand a thing about politics!’

I was just listening to the radio. A news presenter had just had a point about economics explained (rather well) by the in-house correspondent. Yet he replied, with an almost audible shrug of his shoulders and a laughing lilt in his voice, by saying: "I don’t understand a thing about finance."  Now, apologies for deliberately mistitling this...