I'm making £1.9m available to fund urgent small-charity coronavirus poverty relief

We face an unprecedented challenge to our health, economy, businesses, personal finance and way of life. And many of those who normally help society – our charities – are going to face similar pressures right now too. 

Hurrah! The Citizens Advice ‘Martin Lewis’ Fund is up and running

Last year I blogged that as part of my ongoing giving strategy I made a donation to support the superb work of Citizens Advice. The charity decided to use the money to set up the ‘Martin Lewis innovation fund’ (its name, not mine). Well, I’m delighted to say that launched today, so rather than me regurgitating, here’s its press...

Citizens Advice launches the (gulp) ‘Martin Lewis Fund’

Citizens Advice is an amazing charity of professionals and volunteers who help people with debt, legal, consumer rights and a range of other issues.  This week the organisation is announcing it’s setting up the ‘Martin Lewis Fund’ using money from a recent donation I made, and I thought it’d be good to explain what it’s doing. And...

Becoming a patron of bereaved children’s charity Grief Encounter is uncomfortable

I was recently asked if I would become a patron of Grief Encounter. I have to be honest that initially I was very tempted to say no. Yet a friend of mine is having to deal with the tragic death of his wife at far too young an age (some of you will have read her inspiring Fighting Genghis blog) with two young children who the charity is helping.

What happened to the £10m (now £20m) I promised to donate to charity?

In June 2012 I pledged, when MSE joined the MSM group, that charities would receive £10 million. For transparency's sake periodically I bash out a quick blog explaining what's happening with the money.