An important warning to every worker and 9 other need-to-knows from 2017

So what piqued your interest most in 2017? I asked the MSE data team to let me know what my top 10 most read blogs were for the year. Now, of course, these aren’t the most read things on MSE – just the bits of my musings you most picked up on.

At a vain attempt to add artificial suspense, here they are in reverse order…

10. The four things you need to be successful

9. What triggering Article 50 means for your mortgage, savings and debt

8. What Brexit means for your finances in 2017

7. When will your student loan be written off?

6. Premium Bonds’ interest rate boosted – are they worth it?

5. Is it worth using a PPI claims firm – 10 things you need to know (interestingly this is the only blog in the list not written in 2017; it’s from 2012 but still popular)

4. Buy euros/dollars now before the general election?

3. Should you invest in Bitcoin?

2. One year ago Santander 123 halved its interest – now it’s time to consider ditching it

1. An important warning for every UK worker

Have a great 2018 folks.

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