The scrapping of student grants – what it means & how bad is it?

The papers are full of the row over the Government scrapping student grants. As usual when it comes to student finance, the political invective has clouded the actual practical financial impact on students and there’s huge confusion and panic among students and parents.

Why you now need to ‘join’ to get a super-cheap MSE collective energy switch deal

On Tue 2 February, we’re launching our new ‘Big Winter Energy Collective Switch event’, but we’re having to change the way our collective switches operate, so I wanted to bash out a quick blog to explain why.

Open letter to David Cameron about the retrospective student loan hike

Alongside hiring lawyers to look at whether the Government’s decision to retrospectively change student loan repayments for all students who have started university since 2012 can be legally challenged, I have sent the letter below to the Prime Minister asking for a meeting to discuss the moral issues of the change.

Hilton Hotels is suggesting that if you’re broke, you should spend £129 a night on its hotels

I've just received the following press release from Hilton Hotels, which is one of the most ill judged I've ever read. Some one at it, or its PR firm Grayling, whoever wrote it needs to get in the real world. It shows a firm totally out of touch.

Can a store charge more than its website? Plus other questions about pricing.

When is a price fair? It’s a question I’m often asked in a variety of incarnations. The problem with it is it presupposes that prices need to be fair – generally in the UK fairness is about communication and transparency rather than the actual rate you pay. Yet I want to take a few minutes and bash out a blog to answer some of the most common questions.

Santander 123 fee’s more than doubling – should you ditch it?

'Greed, pure greed!' Last September when Santander announced it would hike the fee on its hugely popular 123 account, many glued the horns of Beelzebub on it. Now the dust has settled, and the fee hike is nearly here – it hits next Monday 11 January – I want to do an updated number crunch to answer the most common question I'm getting, "Should I ditch it?"