We’re tweaking the MoneySavingExpert.com editorial code

We've today uploaded a new version of the MoneySavingExpert Editorial Code – the legally binding document that governs how MSE is operated

The Martin Lewis Money Show new series – come to our roadshows

I’m delighted to announce ITV have commissioned a fifth series of "The Martin Lewis Money Show", to be aired this coming winter on Monday or Friday nights.

Should I ditch Santander 123 due to the fee increase?

Santander 123 is the most innovative current account we've ever seen – it's been one of my top picks since it launched in 2012, yet it's now announced the fee will rise in January from £24 to £60 a year

The hidden reason Amazon is paying Clarkson & co so much for Top Gear

The papers have repeatedly splashed Amazon TV's triumphant signing of "star turns" Clarkson, Hammond and May in a rumoured £160 million Top Gear deal.

My groin hurts (note to self, you’re 43 not 23)

Last week it was the annual MSE Towers' sports day - four teams all out to take part in the sack race, obstacle course, wheelbarrow race, limboing and more

‘I was 21, in debt, homeless and my girlfriend had committed suicide – but life can get better’

Mental health and debt are a marriage made in hell. Nearly five times as many people with mental health issues have been in debt crisis than everyone else.

The secret life of a MoneySavingExpert! What do I actually do in a week…

Last week, as I was leaving Good Morning Britain at 8:15am, one of the autograph hunters outside (waiting for a band, not for me) said to me, "that’s the day’s work done already, nice life for some!". Well, I am lucky to have a nice life, but that’s far from the day’s work done. So I thought...

The top 10 most popular things on MoneySavingExpert in the last three months

Data nerds like me will like this one. As today’s been rather a big announcement day for me and the site (see the Martin Lewis to remain at MSE news), I was mulling over the site’s growth and looking at some stats. Among those I pulled out was what the most read pages have been recently. I thought...

Baby MSE’s favourite story – ‘The Biggest Elephant in the World’

My beautiful little Baby MSE is now two and a half. And like many daddies, each day I look forward to the delights of sleep-time, when I get to put her to bed and tell her a story. Rather than reading them I tend to make them up about something we’ve done or talked about. About six...

Bye bye shin splints, just run my 500th kilometre of 2015

I thought it time for an update for fellow runners. Early last year I wrote that I had switched my running target from speed to endurance. I started the MSE run club. Unfortunately it was rather short-lived due to a bout of shin splints that lasted on and off pretty much the whole year.  My graph for...