The MSE Christmas pub quiz 2015 – ANSWER TIME

This is the sixth year I have turned Quizmaster and set a pub quiz for MSE’s annual Christmas party. Last week I put the questions to you and now it’s time to see how well you did with the answers. You get one point for each correct answer.

SPOILER ALERT: If this is the first you’ve heard of the quiz – go to the MSE pub quiz 2015 page first to see how well you do.

Round 1: Do you remember your GCSEs?

  1. Food tech: What family does the apple belong to?
  2. English: What are the top three books read in the world in the last 50 years?
  3. Music: What does RAP (music) stand for?
  4. Geography: What is a typical granite landform called?
  5. ICT: Translate decimal 157 into its binary equivalent.
  6. Physics: Nuclear power stations generate about 14% of the world’s electricity. Uranium is used as a fuel in some nuclear reactors. Name the other main substance used as a fuel in some nuclear reactors.
  7. History: In what year were women over the age of 21 given the vote in the UK?
  8. Biology: What is the equation for photosynthesis?
  9. Chemistry: The reaction to produce magnesium from magnesium oxide is endothermic. What is meant by an endothermic reaction?
  10. Religious studies: When was Jedi first recorded as an option on the national census?

Round 1 answers: Can you remember your GCSEs?

  1. Rose
  2. The Bible, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and Harry Potter (data from the last 50 years)
  3. Rhythm and Poetry
  4. Tor
  5. 10011101
  6. Plutonium
  7. It’s 1928. Women over the age of 30 in the UK were given the vote in 1918
  8. Carbon dioxide + water = (light over the top) glucose + oxygen. If you did the actual equation then bravo (not double points but just an extra pat on the back)
  9. A reaction which takes in energy from the surroundings (also accepted one that makes the surroundings cooler)
  10. 2001

Round 2: Martin’s Round

  1. The Flintstones broke a major taboo on US television. What was it?
  2. Shirley Crabtree was a big name in the 1980s. What was Shirley best known for doing?
  3. What has more calories – ice cream or gelato?
  4. What’s the trendy restaurant area of Manhattan just east of Greenwich Village called – clue it’s similar to the situation a man with only a spade to do his garden would have?
  5. How many steps are there to the MoneySavingExpert office? (OK bit difficult for you this one, we’re on the fourth floor so you can guess.)
  6. What’s the name of the female character who runs the nursery in Peppa Pig [bonus point if you know her first name]?
  7. What’s the maximum number of points you can have in your rack in Scrabble?
  8. What is a pomace?
  9. How many wives did Henry VIII legally have?
  10. What is the lowest score you can’t checkout with in darts?

Round 2 answers: Martin’s Round

  1. Fred and Wilma were the first couple to share a bed on US television
  2. He was the wrestler Big Daddy
  3. Ice cream
  4. Noho (and yes I could’ve done an even ruder version of the clue, but I’ll leave that to your imagination)
  5. 82. Well done if you got it!
  6. Madame Gazelle bonus for first name: Gigi
  7. 49 – a Q (10), Z (10), X (8), J (8), K (5), then two four-point tiles from a variety
  8. It is the pulp you are left with after you squeeze fruit juice
  9. Three. As three of the marriages – to Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn (before she was beheaded) and Anne of Cleves – were annulled so technically by law the marriage never happened
  10. 159 (standard must end on a double or bullseye)

Round 3: When did it happen in 2015?

  1. When was the first storm officially named by the Met Office this year?
  2. What month did Cilla Black pass away?
  3. When did China announce the end to the one-child per family policy?
  4. When did season five of Game of Thrones air in the UK?
  5. What month was Princess Charlotte born?
  6. When did the New Horizons probe fly by Pluto?
  7. What month did Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch?
  8. When did British Airways have to turn around due to someone doing a really smelly poo?
  9. When did Madonna fall off the stage at an awards ceremony in the UK?
  10. What three months are missing?

Round 3 answers: When did it happen in 2015

  1. November – Storm Abigail
  2. August
  3. October
  4. April
  5. May
  6. July
  7. September
  8. March
  9. February
  10. January, June and December

Round 4: European Union Countries Map

Can you name each of the 28 European Countries correctly?

movie round

Round 4 answers: European Union Countries Map
You only get points for getting 19+ right. So that’s 1 point for 19, 2 points for 20, 3 points for 21, up to 10 points for all 28.

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Finland
  3. Denmark
  4. Poland
  5. Italy
  6. Sweden
  7. Spain
  8. Germany
  9. Lithuania
  10. France
  11. Greece
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Austria
  14. Latvia
  1. Slovakia
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Estonia
  4. Cyprus
  5. Hungary
  6. Malta
  7. Belgium
  8. Ireland
  9. Croatia
  10. Netherlands
  11. Portugal
  12. Luxemburg
  13. Slovenia
  14. Romania

So that’s a maximum total points of 41 – do let me know below how you did without googling – be honest and what was the trickiest?
So how did you do?