My groin hurts (note to self, you’re 43 not 23)

Last Thursday it was the annual MSE Towers’ sports day – yes you’ve pictured it, four teams: red (mine), blue, green and yellow – all out in Regent’s Park pitting against each other in the zenith of sporting events including the sack race, obstacle course, wheelbarrow race, limboing, and for those of a less active bent, giant Jenga and Snap.

Having arrived slightly late I dived straight into the now infamous wheelbarrow race, as last year I burned all the skin off my elbow during it (but still won). This year, partnered with MSE Joe (one of our developers), we yet again smashed it – metres ahead of anyone else (I have a special technique but can’t write it here, as others may swot up in advance for next year).

My groin injury

After a couple of other events, the last race of the day was the 10 people x 75m each sprint relay. I was somewhat worried about this as I have shin splints and wear compression socks.

I volunteered to be the 10th person (which, when you’re the boss, means it happens) and would thus only run if it was necessary.

As it happened, when the baton got handed to me we were five metres behind the team in second place and the red fires of competitive-mist took over. I started a full-blown-off-my-toes sprint, the likes of which I haven’t done for 10 years.

During the first 30 metres I was catching up (to my much younger opponent) – there were centimetres in it – but then something snapped, and yes, it snapped in my groin. Somewhere between my adductor muscles and the lower part of my stomach I felt a pang.

It’s now five days later, and it’s easing though coughing is hell, and my normal exercise regime is on hold.

43 is too old to do a sprint without a proper warm up and training in advance – so never again, long jogs or fast runs are all I’m doing.