The top 10 most popular things on MoneySavingExpert in the last three months

Data nerds like me will like this one. As today’s been rather a big announcement day for me and the site (see the Martin Lewis to remain at MSE news), I was mulling over the site’s growth and looking at some stats.

Among those I pulled out was what the most read pages have been recently. I thought it made interesting reading, as it shows how the site is a mix of tools and guides. Here are the top ten:

  1. Travel Money Max: A tool that finds the cheapest currency by comparing rates at over 40 bureaux de change. Quick Link:

  2. Cheap Energy Club: A tool that checks if you’re overpaying for energy and switches you if you are. Then, as most cheap deals are short-term, it alerts you when it’s time to switch again. It currently has over 1.6m members. Quick Link:

  3. The Ultimate Mortgage Calculator: A range of tools including mortgage overpayment calculators, a savings vs offset mortgage tool, and more. Quick Link:

  4. The Top Cash ISAs: A guide updated daily, running through the best places to save your money tax-free. Quick Link:

  5. Credit Card Eligibility Checker: A tool that uses a soft credit search to tell you which of the top credit cards for balance transfers, 0% deals and more, you’re most likely to be accepted for, without marking your credit file. Quick Link:

  6. The Top Savings Accounts: A guide updated daily with best-buy savings accounts and bank accounts that pay top interest rates. Quick Link:

  7. Warning: Don’t use PayPal to pay on a credit card: A new consumer rights piece by myself, explaining protection problems when paying via PayPal. Quick Link:

  8. The Top Bank Accounts: A guide updated weekly, explaining how to make money from switching current accounts. Quick Link:

  9. Watch TV and (legally) don’t pay the licence fee: An article explaining the rules on when you need to pay and when not. Quick Link:

  10. How to beat Sky price hikes: An article on how to slash the cost of your Sky subscription after it raised prices in June. Quick Link:

Of course the big thing missing from this list is the MSE Forum. However, that’s simply because the nature of the mechanism of constantly new threads means no one page ever comes close to this list. If you were to count each board as a page though, it’d certainly be filling around half the spots.