A story of true glove

A story of true glove

A story of true glove

Some tales, need a telling, so it is time for me to tell.

‘Tis a story of lost glove refound, and it may well surprise.

‘Twas a Tuesday in late May in the year 2015.

The end of the bank holiday fest, and I was back at my desk.

Lying in wait, fingers poised at my keyboard, were my favourite gloves.

OK, I’m not sure I can keep that up, so let me tell you in a slightly more prosaic way.

On Tuesday I arrived in MoneySaving Towers to find the gloves on my desk, without explanation. Later in the day, Jo, MSE’s money and insurance editor, explained the rather Twilight-Zone-esque tale of how they’d got there.

She had been given them by her fiancé, Richard (whom I’ve never met). He had got them from a taxi driver, whose cab I had accidentally left them in the back of.

It seems Richard had been chatting to the cabbie, who’d then mentioned MoneySavingExpert in the conversation. Richard explained his fiancée worked here, and the cabbie mentioned the gloves and asked if he could take them.

Small world.