The MSE Christmas pub quiz 2015 – ANSWER TIME

This is the sixth year I have turned Quizmaster and set a pub quiz for MSE's annual Christmas party. Last week I put the questions to you and now it's time to see how well you did with the answers. You get one point for each correct answer.

How will you fare in the MSE Christmas pub quiz 2015…?

Every year, in the run up to Christmas, the team at MSE get the great joy (oh yes indeedy) of facing my annual pub quiz. This long and proud tradition is in its sixth year and I continue to take their groans as encouragement.

I’ve hired lawyers to investigate judicial reviewing Govt’s retrospective student loan hike

While the Chancellor talked about students in his Autumn Statement a few weeks ago, he chose to hide in the small print – or perhaps wasn't brave enough to speak about – a hike in the student loan repayments for all who've started since 2012.

World Duty Free doesn’t want to use my ‘you do need your boarding pass’ poster

In October I blogged that you DO need to show your boarding pass at duty free. Over the summer I was involved in a campaign to tell people not to show their boarding passes in airport shops, as there's no requirement to do so – and shops save money if you do, that they don't (but should) pass on to us. Yet the rules are different in World Duty Free shops.

Warning: Your child’s savings will still be taxed like they’re yours, even after April’s changes

Big changes to savings are afoot from next April. The new personal savings allowance launches, allowing all basic-rate taxpayers to earn £1,000 in interest tax-free (higher-rate £500) from all types of savings (for want of doubt this includes high interest bank accounts and top normal savings).

Becoming a patron of bereaved children’s charity Grief Encounter is uncomfortable

I was recently asked if I would become a patron of Grief Encounter. I have to be honest that initially I was very tempted to say no. Yet a friend of mine is having to deal with the tragic death of his wife at far too young an age (some of you will have read her inspiring Fighting Genghis blog) with two young children who the charity is helping.

What happened to the £10m (now £20m) I promised to donate to charity?

In June 2012 I pledged, when MSE joined the MSM group, that charities would receive £10 million. For transparency's sake periodically I bash out a quick blog explaining what's happening with the money.

Bigger savers – do you really need to spread your savings?

For years my safe savings mantra has been "you're protected up to £85,000 per person per UK-regulated financial institution" – therefore if you've got more, spread it into pots of no more than around £83,000 (to allow room for interest) to keep the whole amount protected.

Urgent! Help fight the Government’s student loan U-turn that means many will pay more

The Government is consulting on a retrospective change to student loans in England that could mean many who took them since 2012 will have to shell out more.

You DO have to show your boarding passes at duty free

You don't need to show your boarding pass at airport shops, but you do at duty free. A media furore over the summer has sown confusion, so it's time to clear it up…