Going abroad? I need your help….

If I had a euro for each time I’ve been asked a variant of this question by holidaymakers, "I’ve just been to a bank/shop and it’s giving me the choice of paying in euros/dollars or pounds, which should I choose?", I’d err, have a lot of euros.

For a detailed answer see my Always pay in euros blog post, which as the title suggests, explains the safe option is to always pay in euros.

However my experimentation and rate comparison that underpins that blog was done primarily in Spain, so I wanted to take the opportunity this summer with so many people going away to spread my research base.

What I’d like you to do

If you’re going abroad and meet a shop or cash machine that gives you this option, I’d like you to take a picture of the screen or receipt which explains the rate it’s offering… (example below).

Banca March ATM withdrawal screen

Banca March ATM withdrawal screen

Then please email it to me at payineuros@moneysavingexpert.com and also if possible, include the following:

1. Where you are (country and location).
2. The date and time.
3. If you know the spot rate on the day (if you don’t, don’t worry – I can find it).

My aim is to get an accurate comparison of how this compares to paying in pounds – all around the world.

Thank you in advance.