Fellow crisp lovers, I bring news from a faraway land

Fellow crisp lovers, I bring  news from a faraway land

Fellow crisp lovers, I bring news from a faraway land

Fellow crisp lovers, I bring you news to tickle the taste buds, which is of great crisp delight.

And by crisp lover, I of course mean those for whom ‘salt & vinegar’ in a BLUE packet is the prince of flavours; who relish when the condensed powdered pure flavour is left in the bottom of the bag for you to dip your finger in; and those who treat ‘cheese & onion’ with due disdain, which compared to a winner like ‘salt & vinegar’, taste like an also-ran (a failure to do so indicates you’re simply not a connoisseur of sufficient merit to appreciate this blog). 

As a lover of ‘salt & vinegar’, you will without doubt also have a good appreciation of its close cousins – ‘pickled onion’ and ‘Worcestershire sauce’ flavoured crisps. After all, if you don’t feel your teeth have been kicked in by the flavour, it simply isn’t a crisp.  

So good folk of crisp land – listen to my cry! For it is my privilege to report that the above trio of flavours – these crisp-keteers – have a d’Artagnan joining their ranks.

Lays (the US version of Walkers) has a ‘dill pickle’ flavour, which I have recently had the fortune to sample. And let me tell you – it is gooood. Imagine a power-packed pungent pickled onion with just a touch of a creamy smooth under-base, and you’re there. I commend these crisps to all with an opportunity to try them.

PS. ‘Fish and chips’ are back

'Fish n' chips' crisps

'Fish 'n' Chips' crisps

More good news, this time from our own UK crisp industry (or more technically, its brother from another mother – the biscuit-based savoury snack industry). A few months ago, I was involved in a Twitter campaign to bring back the long dead ‘Fish ‘n’ Chips’ crisps (for those not fully up to scratch on crisp folklore, they used to have a newspaper-style wrapping packet). 

But I’m delighted to report Poundland is putting the ‘win’ in ‘salt & winegar’. It’s bringing ‘fish n’ chips salt & vinegar’ back from 2014. While I haven’t yet had the good fortune to grab a packet, reports coming into me say some say they’re up and running. Of course we must hope their strength and recipe remains undimmed. If all else fails, ‘salt & vinegar Jacob’s Oddities’ apparently bear a decent taste resemblance.

Update: 2 January 2014: 17:15: I’m also hearing reports Asda now stocks ‘Fish ‘n’ Chips’ crisps too.

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