Let’s have a (cha)party – as #currysongs trends worldwide: My Top 10

Let's have a (cha)party

Let's have a (cha)party

It all started with a simple and innocuous tweet last Tuesday evening. 

On the day we prepare the weekly email, all those working late (it’s part of the job) get dinner on MoneySavingExpert. Last Tuesday, it was Indian food. 

So a little MSE Towers banter started as I started suggesting some relevant songs that could be played. The weekly email is our print deadline – everyone is at it 100%, so anything to relieve the pressure is good.

To help, I asked Twitter..

@martinslewis – Group Indian food in MSE Towers – so we’re coming up with #CurrySongs, eg, Madonna’s Poppadom Preach. Any more?

Soon people started joining in. Then more, then more. After about an hour, I knew it was starting to get large as many of the tweets were no longer directed at me – they were just using the hashtag. By about 11pm, it was trending in the UK. Later on, so I’m told (unconfirmed), it started to trend worldwide.

Even a few days later, the #currysongs tag was still going strong. Who’d have thunk it! So to celebrate…

My top 10 curry songs

Note: Vindaloo by Fat Les excluded due to over-relevance

10.@beccajtalbot: I Just Called To Aay Aloo

9. @MortgageMark: Rhythm is a Dhansak

8. Korma, Korma, Korma, Korma, Korma Chameleon (one of my original tweets starting it)

7. @uksupertramp: Ha-bhuna Masala (The Lion King)

6. @Jesterflyguy: Tears On My Pilau

5. @darrencollier86: Don’t You Wish Your Bhuna Was Hot Like Me

4. @dave_giz: Tikka Chance On Me

3. @BazzaMetz: Gimme Gimme Gimme A Naan After Midnight

2. @HaveYouMetTom: I See You Baby, Shaking Madras

1. @dazd1973: King Prawn Masala, Drinks Are Free (Wham!)"

I’m sure there’ll be hot debate over my choice – feel free to let me know your favourites below.