I’m writing today and I feel like I’m skiving

I'm writing today and I feel like I'm skiving

I'm writing today and I feel like I'm skiving

I’m sitting in a coffee bar, tapping away on an article on my keyboard and I feel like I’m skiving.

Today was meant to be the last filming day for my ITV show, but it’s been cancelled as we’re all done. So I’ve reclaimed the day to catch up on my articles. Yet I’m struggling to get used to the pressure burners being turned off.

We’ve now finished filming for all future shows (there’s still the script meetings, voiceover and links filming do to, which is done as close to transmission as possible, so all the deals and products I mention are bang up to date) meaning I’m getting some time back to myself.

A writing day feels like a luxury. For the whole of 2013, barring Tuesdays which are spent pounding out the weekly email, I’ve not ever had a long session to sit down and write. Everything has been bashed out at speed in breaks between meetings or filming.

What’s strange is how the mind works on such things.  My week is still full. I’ve my other regular broadcast outlets, writing, campaigning work and of course, running MoneySavingExpert – yet I’m almost feeling guilty that today is too easy.

I may actually get home by six o’clock, play with baby MSE, and then NOT turn the laptop on to start work again. Even so there’s a nagging doubt that I’m missing something and haven’t done a full week (for the first time this year, I may clock in less than 60 hours).

That’s why I’ve written this blog. It’s cathartic. I can now read it back, realise how ridiculous it sounds, and vow to enjoy the time.