1 in 4 say they want me to be chancellor – do they hate me that much?

1 in 4 say they want me to be chancellor

1 in 4 say they want me to be chancellor

I was shown a poll today which listed that I’m the person most people would like to do George Osborne’s job. Seriously people, do you hate me that much? I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

The research of 2,000 people by Opinion, for the Nutmeg website, asked:

"If you could replace George Osborne as chancellor, who would you pick?"

Top 10
Martin Lewis 24%
Richard Branson 16%
Stephen Fry 8%
Carol Vorderman 7%
Theo Paphitis 5%
Brian Cox 3%
Mary Portas 2%
Hilary Devey 2%
David Beckham 2%
Seb Coe 1%

I wouldn’t want the job, nor am I capable

Now of course while it’s very kind of people, ultimately I think being the UK chancellor is a thankless task. Much of the UK economy is at the mercy of global economics and capital flows and it isn’t easy for any individual country to turn these tides. 

In truth, regardless of party, the UK chancellor is tinkering at the edges. Yes, they can have an effect – though I suspect more on who the downturn hits, rather than whether we actually have a downturn or not.

Having said that, don’t over-read my expertise on this. There are many differences between being a Money Saving Expert and a political economist. It’s an entirely different discipline and I don’t know anywhere near enough to do it (whether anyone does, including the current incumbents, is a separate question).

I’d also note that while I can be entirely one-sided in my work – totally focused on pro-consumer issues, the chancellor on the other hand has to balance the needs of business, the economy and individuals – a far less populist approach.

Overall I’ll say thank you, but no thanks.