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Do your kids go to an academy school? I’ve a job for you

Do your kids go to an academy school? I've a job for you

Do your kids go to an academy school? I've a job for you

Yesterday, it was announced that financial education is to become part of the compulsory national curriculum within citizenship and maths. This is fantastic news, but it only binds maintained schools, which are 50% of secondary schools. Academy schools are free to opt out.

While many academies do still follow the national curriculum, it is very important parents ensure headteachers are aware they want financial education to happen (either via the curriculum route or perhaps even more than that). This is especially crucial at a time of curriculum change, such as we’re having now, so they can get it going ASAP.

You can find more detail about what to ask for in the Financial education to be added to the the national curriculum [1] MSE News story. You could even just link to that in an email, and ask if it’ll be happening at your child’s school.

This one is over to you. Let me know, via the details below, what help we can give for you doing this. (Teaching resources are available via Pfeg [2]). Of course wonderfully, some academy schools are already teaching financial ed – bravo to those that are.

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