I’m joining the team at ITV’s This Morning in 2013

I'm joining the team at ITV This Morning in 2013

I'm joining the team at ITV This Morning in 2013

I’m delighted to tell you that on Monday morning, I start the first of my regular weekly appearances on ITV’s This Morning (usually between 11.30am and 12pm) – joining Phil and Holly on the sofa to discuss MoneySaving and often doing phone-ins too.

It’s very exciting for me to go back on such an iconic show. It’s where I got my first big TV break back in 2003 and I loved the programme (though a mild difference of opinion with a new editor back then meant I only lasted a year!)

There’s a change to my Daybreak slot too. I won’t be doing Tuesdays now, instead, every Thursday at 7.40am it’s Deals of the Week, with me going through the hot tips and deals of the week (a sofa version of my old Lorraine films).

Then, very excitingly, at the end of January it’s filming time again, ready for the new series of The Martin Lewis Money Show, which will be starting on ITV in the evenings again in late March.

Of course, the day job is still here, running MoneySavingExpert.com and writing the weekly email. After all, this is our 10th birthday year!

P.S. To those asking – yes, don’t worry I’ll still be doing Radio 5 Consumer panel at 12:15 every Thursday, and Radio 2 Vine once a month on a Friday and my columns and more. Wow, I’m out of breath writing it, never mind doing it, lucky I love it!