X Factor prediction champagne contest

The X Factor prediction champagne contest

The X Factor prediction champagne contest

Update: 11.12.12: 256 of you responded with your X Factor predictions, but not one person guessed all six correctly (including Martin, though he did do pretty well). Most favoured Ella Henderson to win, with only 16 entrants putting their faith in James to take the title. Of this 16, most correctly guessed four out of the final six contestants, but two correctly predicted five out of six, with Sam Thacker coming closest with the following prediction:

6. Christopher Maloney
5. Union J
4. Jade Ellis
3. Jahmene Douglas
2. Ella Henderson
1. James Arthur

Well done, Sam! A bottle of bubbly is winging its way to you in the post. And thank you to everyone else who posted their predictions.

Each year Mrs MSE and I have a game to predict who’ll be in the final six on The X Factor, and in what order. Last year I invited you to join in too – and promised a bottle of the sparkly stuff to the winner.

So I thought, why not do it again this year? 

My prediction:

Here are my predictions, this isn’t my preference, this is where I think they’ll end up. I’ve added a few comments too, to show what I’m thinking.

  • 6. Rylan Clark – the cabaret act usually gets about midway through the competition, so I think he’ll hit sixth.
  • 5. Jahmene Douglas – he has an incredible vocal instrument, but I think he may be a bit Janet Devlin from last year – too samey.
  • 4. Union J – one of the boy bands is likely to do well and I think these guys will probably pip the others.
  • 3. Lucy Spraggan – hilarious, witty, different – just not sure she’s made for The X Factor.
  • 2. Ella Henderson – such a powerful voice and she’s a songwriter – has real potential.
  • 1. James Arthur – maybe some bias here as I love his performances and I’m hoping others will agree.

Mrs MSE’s prediction:

  • 6. MK1
  • 5. District3
  • 4. Lucy Spraggan
  • 3. Jahmene Douglas
  • 2. Ella Henderson
  • 1. Jade Ellis

What’s your prediction?

Simply post your predictions via the comments area below before next Saturday (not via the MSE Forum, as these posts can be changed later).

The winner will be the person who gets the top six finalists in the correct order. If there’s a tie, the winner will be picked from those people at random. If no-one gets it, it’ll be the person who’s closest.

PS. I know there are many out there who don’t watch The X Factor and think it’s truly naff. That’s cool – different strokes and all that, but please no need for lots of comments telling us. This is just a bit of fun for those of us who do enjoy it.