’s biggest week ever's biggest week ever's biggest week ever

Last week we broke our all-time record for the most number of visits in a week. I know stat munchers out there like this type of thing, so here goes…

These figures are according to our internal Google Analytics system.

  1. Visits/week: 5,640,791 – the number of different trips people made to the site.
  2. Unique visitors/week: 3,973,797 – the number of different individuals who visited the site.
  3. Page views/week: 19,155,909 – the number of pages those people looked at.

This was about 2% higher than our previous best week. The dominant driver of traffic last week was the 30,000 free £10 train tickets offer (ie, £300,000 worth), plus we also saw a rise due to super-cheap hotel sales and, sadly, the gas and electricity price hikes. 

Thanks to all who use the site and recommend it to their friends.