Halifax official info disgracefully 18 months out of date

Halifax official info out of date

Halifax official info out of date

I’ve just received an official email response from the Halifax over a savings account. At the bottom, there was the following information…

HBOS plc. Registered Office: The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ. Registered in Scotland, number 218813. Telephone: 0870 600 5000."

As I had a query and further information on the site was missing, I decided to call that number, only to hear…

You have dialled the switchboard services number that closed on 31 March 2011. To help you find the correct number, listen to this message…"

Now come on, Halifax. In these days where we are all constantly spammed by bank fraud-esque emails – surely you have a responsibility to ensure you update your email footer within 18 months. Disgraceful.

PS. Before you think "why didn’t he use saynoto0870?", I should note that 0870s are included in my free minutes.