Tesco scores second own goal in the ‘£50 iPad’ fiasco

Tesco scores second own goal in the '£50 iPad' fiasco

Tesco scores second own goal in the '£50 iPad' fiasco

First there was the price error – Tesco Direct offering the new iPad online for £49.99. Cue lots of people asking "I’ve bought it, does it have to honour it?", only to be disappointed that the answer was no. 

While other companies like M&S, and famously Zappos, have previously honoured such breaches regardless of the law, Tesco isn’t budging. If you were being charitable you can see why not. Web errors do happen (we’ve had our own), though I must admit I was surprised it didn’t mitigate the issue by saying at least "here’s 500 Clubcard points to say sorry for the confusion" or something of the ilk.

Yet to compound that own goal – this morning one of the MSE Towers team, who’d tried to buy one of the iPads for himself and got the rejection email, was sent the following:


Come on Tesco, now you’re just rubbing people’s noses in it. This looks like an example of really shoddy management. Surely after being publicly berated for the glitch by the media, did nobody sit down to run through cancelling the auto-feedback email on products that weren’t delivered?