A40 speed limit: is TFL incompetent or misleading?

A40 speed limit: is TFL incompetent or misleading

The Westway route just out of central London (to Shepherds Bush) is a three lane dual carriage way flyover, so there are no pedestrians. Last February the speed limit was cut from 50mph to 30mph.

Apparently this was due to repairs and speeding. However, after a few complaints, and even a mention on Top Gear, it was increased to 40mph last May. At the time, according to this article in the Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle, TFL were considering increasing the speed limit again:

They say it should be back to 50mph by late summer [2011].”

Well last summer is a long time ago and still no sign. There are still 30mph speed limit signs on the road, with 40mph printed in a difficult to read manner over the top.

As I wrote in my initial new 30mph limit on A40 Westway is dangerously slow blog, the road is a nightmare for two-wheeled drivers like myself. If you try and stick to the speed limit, you are overtaken by cars going far faster, who see you as a menace going at slow speed. While this is better with a 40mph limit, there are still problems.

As my first blog was a small contributor to instigating coverage over this issue, I’ve deliberately written this again to do the same and remind TFL that those of us who drive regularly on this road haven’t forgotten the promise. TFL, either you’re ridiculously inefficient, or this was a cunning plan to hope we’d get used to it – which is it?