The MSE Christmas pub quiz 2011 results

MSE pub quiz - can you beat us?

Last week I challenged you to the pub quiz I’d given the MSE team at our Christmas party. Now as promised, it’s time for the answers…(and as in all good pub quiz tradition, I of course expect you to argue).

Spoiler alert! If you want to have a go at the quiz before seeing the answers, see the MSE Christmas pub quiz 2011 blog.

Answers are in red.








Martin’s round
(these had to be questions I could answer without needing to look it up)

1.How many points for a ‘K’ in Scrabble? Five
2. What is the name of the flatmate’s Jewish friend in the Big Bang Theory (1 point for first name, and another for last name)? Howard Wallowitz.
3. Which new three letter word starting ‘QI’ was introduced in Scrabble last year? QIN.
4. What word does Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory say when he is doing a practical joke? Clue: I also have a t-shirt with it on. Bazinga.
5. In the official Scrabble dictionary which number of letters has the most words, ie, 2 letter words, 3 letter words, 4 letter words etc.? 9 letter words.
6. If you score three under par in golf, what’s it called? Either a bloody miracle or an albatross.
7. What’s the highest Scrabble score you could get at the end of the game if you’ve only an ‘I’ and a ‘Q’ left, by connecting it with the word ‘BIFF’ anywhere on the board except a treble word score? Sixty-seven.
8. In the towns Northwich, Middlewich and Nantwich what does the ‘wich’ bit indicate? It means it was a brine or salt mining town.
9. Create the longest allowable Scrabble word possible from the following letters ‘euouae’. Euouae (one of the teams got it in the MSE Towers quiz just by writing the letters down as they were read out and not actually having a clue what the answer was).
10. What’s the first name of Superman’s birth mother? Clue: this is the ‘Martin round’. Lara (aka Mrs MSE).

The general knowledge round

1. What is the highest capital city in the world? La Paz, Bolivia.
2. In sport, what year did the English Football Premier League begin? 1992.
3. What does html stand for? Hyper Text Markup Language.
4. This year on English language world Twitter, what was the number one world news story? Mubarak’s resignation.
5. How many sides does a heptagon have? And for a bonus point what is a dodecahedron? Seven (and twelve edges for the bonus).
6. There are four US states that begin with ‘I’, how many can you name (4 pointer)? Indiana, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois.
7. Which drinks company uses a bat as its registered trademark? Bacardi.
8. This year on Twitter, what was the number one #hashtag? #Egypt.
9. Can you name all the planets in the solar system? 1 point for each. (Note: for clarification, if there’s any argument over what is a planet, this is based on the view of the world’s leading physicist Dr. Sheldon Cooper (see Round 1)). Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.
10. What colours are the five Olympic rings (5 pointer)? Red, blue, yellow, green, black.

The picture round

1. Gavin & Stacey
2. Elf
3. White Christmas
4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
5. The Holiday
6. The Royal Family
7. The Polar Express
8. It’s A Wonderful Life
9. Dr Who
10. Love Actually
11. Miracle on 34th Street
12. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

How did you do?