Read letters from blind children to Santa

Read letters from blind children to Santa

Read letters from blind children to Santa

This blog is for all the soppy gits (like me) out there. Sit back and prepare for some bitter-sweet Christmas joy. The wonderful RNIB kindly sent us these beautiful messages as a thank you for supporting their special braille and other visually impaired-friendly letters within our Free letters from Santa guide. 

Of course they don’t do this alone, they arrange with the big beardy chap to have one of his best elves there to help ferry the messages. However, they did get a sneaky peek at some of them, and as it’s Christmas week, they’ve given their kind permission to share some of these beautiful notes with you – real evidence of the great work this needed charity does…

Names and minor details have been changed for privacy.


From Jenny aged 7.

Dear Santa Claus, Hello, my name is Jenny and I am 7 years old. I have a sister called Layla who has just turned 3. My Mummy forgot to post my letter to you because we had to go to London for my hospital appointments last week! I am trying very hard to be a good girl and I was really really brave when I went to hospital. For Christmas please may I have a new chair and TV so I can watch the TV with my sister. I really like Hello Kitty and would love to be given anything that is Hello Kitty! My Sister would love a talking Peppa Pig, because Peppa Pig makes her laugh. I hope you and Mrs Claus have lots of fun at Christmas too. I am very excited that it is nearly Christmas! Love Jenny"

From Abigail aged 6.

Dear Santa, I’m a 6 year old girl and my biggest wish is that I could see like the rest of my family. I lost my vision, most of it, I learn to read Braille. My Mum writes this letter for me. I know you can’t give me my vision back, no one can. If you send me a letter back can you write it in Grade 1 Braille please. I wish for Christmas: A dolly for me and my little sister, a bike, cars for my little brother, DV for my big sister, a book for my teachers, snow for my Mum as she loves Christmas. Thank you Santa, with love Abigail."

Christmas presents

Christmas presents

From Sally aged 4.

Dear Father christmas. Merry christmas to you. I know you are very busy at this time of year, so I hope you are looking after yourself. My name is Sally. I am partially sighted and deaf and I also have severe cerebal palsy. So please can you reply to my letter in audio CD because my hearing is a bit better than my seeing and also i dont know how to read braille yet, but i do know some sign language. I am getting a new baby brother and sister for Christmas this year, so I am very excited. I dont know what toys i would like for Christmas, as I cannot play with any because I cannot hold them.  I do like to look at flashing lights though and I like pretty clothes. Anyway, I hope you have a very nice Christmas with Mother Christmas and that Rudolph and all the other reindeers and all of you elves also have a nice time"

From Francesca aged 8.

How are you today? Hope you are very well. Are you brushing your teeth and having your lunch? When are you coming to visit? Please can you send me a CD letter? Please can I have a woolly glove and a talking computer to listen to classical music and come chocolate to make my mum happy. Your friend Francesca"

From Ben aged 9.

How are your elves? Which elf reads the Braille to you? I have been so good all year. I have helped someone when they have fallen over. I’ve been good at home. And I would really like a pair of rugby boots and a kicking tee for my rugby and I would like a bus, please. Thank you very much. I hope you have a nice Christmas. From Ben"

From Paul aged 9.

Hi Santa, I have bad eyes, and am visually impaired, and you send me a letter every year, and I get so happy and excited to receive them, and they really make my christmas very special 🙂 I was born with cataracts, and have had 4 operations, I also have glaucoma, and wear varifocal glasses. My mum calls me he bionic boy and says I’m like astro boy because I have artificial lens implants in my eyes. For christmas I have asked for lots and lots haha, I really want WWE wrestling figures, lego, moshi monsters, dvd’s, games, transformers, star wars toys, spongebob toys, football cards, harry potter toys, toy story toys and books. I would like my letter in large print (anything over font size16), or on a audio C.D in English and Welsh please 🙂 Thankyou Santa :)"

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

From Aimee aged 11.

Dear Santa, My name is Aimee and I am 11 years old and have complex disabilities but I love my mummy and my little just 7 years old brother Benji. I am getting ready for my school concert this friday 9 December which is always a surprise for mummy, Auntie Jane and Nan, who are coming to see me. Benji cannot come as he is at his school. I think they come for the mince pies and coffee too. I love Hannah Montana dvds and listen to them happily until my little brother decides to chat and give me hugs in my wheelchair, so then I sigh and have to watch it all over again. I also love Shrek which we all watch together. Any music can make me smile. I have been very good this year as I haven’t been in hospital as much as before. Happy Christmas Santa and love to all the elves and reindeer. Love from Aimee"

For Eleanor age 7, from her sister.

My sister Eleanor is registered blind but on top of this she has other problems which means she can’t communicate properly. She cannot speak or write but I know that she would love a audio cd from Santa as she loves to listen especially to other voices. So on her behalf I would like to ask for a letter from Santa as this is what any other 7 year old would want."

From Duncan aged 5.

Dear Santa, my name is Duncan and I am 5 years old. My movement is limited and I can only see shadows. In my class I have been doing a story about a little girl and her reindeer so I have painted one for you. I have been a very good boy this year and would like any type of UV light as other types of light can make me poorly. Thank you and merry Christmas, love Duncan xxx"


Ok, well I think I must be allergic to these letters and my eyes seem to have gone very wet after reading them. There were many more that were equally as moving. 

Huge tribute to the work of the RNIB and its elves for putting joy into the lives of those children.

And wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, joy in whatever you’re celebrating and season’s greetings.