‘You can afford to go to uni’ – the message is getting through

'You can afford to go to uni' – the message is getting through

'You can afford to go to uni' – the message is getting through

University applications are down 9% and sadly many students and parents are being scared off 2012 applications due to myths and misunderstandings about the new fees (a few for the right reasons too). So I was delighted to get this email yesterday from John Morgan, who teaches at Conyers School and is an Ascl rep on the Student Finance Taskforce I head up.

Martin, you may be pleased to hear some feedback I received from the parent of a Y11 student (GCSE level, which is two years before you apply for uni) the day after I did a 30 minute summary of the "actual" situation with fees etc. using your top tips.

Mr Morgan, I was astonished, ***** doesn’t normally say much about school, but he came home last night and told me that I needn’t worry about the cost of him going to university because he won’t have to pay anything to start with and anyway, Mr Morgan and Martin Lewis say it’s his debt not mine. You could have knocked me down with a feather!

Your tips have made one Mum very happy!"

With only a couple of months left until university applications close, it’s more important than ever to get the message out about the TRUE costs of education under the new system – they’re nowhere near as harsh as many fear – after all, without understanding that, how can people decide if it’s worth it?  

The following resources should help: