The top 10 real things we don’t believe in

The top 10 real things we don't believe in

The top 10 real things we don't believe in

Arthur C. Clarke’s law is that: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". This is a comfort as I recently admitted I don’t believe planes can fly.  Thankfully that blog’s comments brought many others out of the closet of confidence – so here are my remaining top ten picks of real things people don’t believe in.

PS. Thanks to Sophie Garrett for the Arthur C. Clarke quote.

2. Cheryl Galbraith: "If you roll a die five times and it rolls a six each time, the chances of it rolling a six on the sixth roll is still just one in six."

3. Natalie Humphreys: "Mobile phones can let you speak to people on the other side of the world – without wires!"

4. Carol Ewens: "I can’t believe ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ is not butter."

5. Natasha Ready: "That rowdy oik with the scruffy jeans and shocking attitude was once my adorable firstborn baby.."  

6. Wendy Wilshaw: "Pausing live TV while you answer the door to trick or treaters, then carrying on as if nothing happened. It’s like having your own time machine."

7. Matthew O’Reilly: "If there are just 23 people in a room then the probability that two of them share a birthday is 50% and you only need 41 people to make the probability 90%!"

8. Martin Lewis (me): "Drop a feather and a tonne of lead in a vacuum and they’d both fall at equal speeds."

9. Peter Watts: "Each time we have a general election the government win."

And finally, to remind us all that a fact is only a fact until it’s disproved…

10. John Rose: "And someone once thought the earth was flat."

More sceptics of the truth suggestions welcome below…

PPS. I’d like to apologise to my hero Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory for writing this blog, I know he would be deeply ashamed of its content.