The X Factor prediction champagne contest

The X Factor prediction champagne contest

The X Factor prediction champagne contest

Each year Mrs MSE and I have a game to predict who’ll be in the final five on The X Factor, and in what order. This year I thought I’d invite you all to join in too and I’ll send a bottle of the sparkly stuff to the winner.

My prediction:

1. Misha B
2. The Risk
3. Janet Devlin
4. Craig Colton
5. Johnny Robinson

Mrs MSE’s prediction:

  1. Janet Devlin
  2. Misha B
  3. The Risk
  4. Marcus Collins
  5. Sophie Habibis

Tell me your prediction

Simply post your predictions via the comments area below before next Saturday (not via the forum, as these posts can be changed later). 

The winner will be the person who gets the top five finalists in the correct order. If there’s a tie, the winner will be picked from those people at random. If no-one gets it, it’ll be the person who’s closest.

PS. I know there are many out there who don’t watch The X Factor and think it’s truly naff. That’s cool – different strokes and all that, but please no need for lots of comments telling us. This is just a bit of fun for those of us who do enjoy it.

Update 13 December 2011: And the winner is …

It wasn’t easy picking the winner, especially as at the time I asked the third placed contestant, Amelia Lily, wasn’t in the competition.

So, to go for the ‘closest’ answer, I first of all looked for everyone who picked Little Mix (or Rythmix as they were called then) as the winner. Then I tried to see of those who had, who had guessed the most other members of the top five. Three people all had two others of the top five (Janet and Misha) in their prediction, so I drew it out of a hat and the following is our winner:   

Miranda Rachel
1) Rythmix (or however it’s spelt).
2) Janet Devlin.
3) Misch B.
4) The Risk.
5) Sophie Habibis.