Amazon Kindle – probably the best customer service in the world

Amazon Kindle – probably the best customer service in the world

Amazon Kindle – probably the best customer service in the world

I’m never slow to berate when service is bad, so it’s important to applaud when it’s superb – and the service I’ve just had from Amazon is just that…

In May Mrs MSE bought me a Kindle for my birthday, and I must admit I adore it (and her), I’ll never go back to paper books again (see the Cheap Kindles guide if you’re considering one).  It’s given me the joy of buying e-books costing less than 99p as a risk, and I’ve discovered some gems as a result of it.

Heavenly service

Now, just in case anyone carps that my experience was due to ‘being on the telly’ – it’s not, the account isn’t one you could relate to me at all – plus a member of my team has had an identical joyous service experience.

A couple of weeks ago my Kindle had a glitch. The right hand cursor key kept depressing even when not held down. This meant as I tried to read, it’d keep forwarding to the next chapter, making it impossible to use.

As Mrs MSE had bought it, she called up to sort out getting it fixed. After five minutes on the phone they agreed to send a new one out to be delivered THE NEXT DAY.

It duly arrived, already logged in and registered to my account. All my books were already on it archived, and all I needed to do was click to download them again, at no charge, and it was as if I was on the same machine.

To top it all, they then arranged to come and collect the old one.

Of course it wants a Kindle in your hand

Amazon service is generally pretty good anyway, but I suspect the reason it’s exceptional with the Kindle, is the same reason that the Kindle isn’t that costly its designed as a vehicle for Amazon to sell you books.  

The real profit comes from the onward sales – continued loyal purchases from the Amazon bookstore (thankfully in my experience currently the books tend to be relatively cheap compared to other paper books and e-books).

Therefore it’s in its interest to keep a Kindle in your hand, especially if you’ve got a decent purchase record. That shouldn’t take away from the fact that I wish all customer service was like this.

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