The MSE Forum hits its 100 millionth thank you mark (and ‘Game Over’ is the most thanked board)

The MSE Forum hits its 100 millionth thank you mark

The MSE Forum hits its 100 millionth thank you mark

That’s a lot of thanks. If you were to lay each "thank you" (in font size ten on my laptop) next to each other, it’d be 1,250 miles long more than the distance from London to Tangiers.

But far more significant than this obligatory nonsense fact, is the enormous appreciation of all those who contribute to the forum – by all those who use it. A thank you from me to all the people who’ve been a part of this is insignificant in comparison, but never the less important.

The top 20 most thanked forum boards

1. Game Over (competitions board)   55,852,353
2. Old Style MoneySaving 11,175,828
3. The Money Savers Arms   5,424,978
4. Debt Free Diaries 3,721,594
5. Discussion Time  2,347,202
6. MoneySaving in Marriages, Relationships & Families 2,281,659
7. Debt-Free Wannabe  2,082,407
8. Discount Codes ‘n Vouchers 1,798,571
9. Special Occasions & Other Celebrations 1,498,332
10. Competitions Time 1,274,334
11.Debate House Prices & the Economy 1,131,220
12. Health, Beauty & Fashion MoneySaving 1,094,072
13. It’s Gone, but was it any good?  1,043,453
14. Freebies (no spend required) Board 714,826
15. I won! I won! I won! 616,863
16. Freebies gone but not forgotten 547,317
17. House Buying, Renting & Selling 534,106
18. Quick! Grabbit while you can  474,321
19. How much have you saved? 424,223
20. Bankruptcy & Living With It  395,395

PS. It’s worth noting that in Competitions Time, ‘thanks’ used to be used by people as a way to note they’d applied for a particular competition – but a bespoke tool has now been added to replace that.