49:59! Hoorah!

10k in 49:59 outside - hoorah!

Just a little blog. Finally managed to crack 50 minutes for 10k outside. It’s been a long slog but I managed it last night, squeaking under the boundary by a second.

I’ve run a lot faster on a treadmill and had blogged that in the past, but having transferred to outside I now realise how much more difficult it is. Being on form for a new record couldn’t have come at a better time as next Sunday I’m doing the British 10k run for Cancer Research UK (though I’m not doing much sponsorship as it’s not long enough to ask for money for that).

I had hoped that’d be my first sub-50 but am very pleased to have done it before and hope the adrenalin of the day helps me beat this again.

Now I’m sure regular readers would be disappointed if I didn’t have a graph of this (see I love spreadsheets blog) so here goes my progress chart (in fact every 10k I’ve ever done – new records in bold).  As you can see it’s been a struggle to break the barrier.

26/3  time 57:45 – 1st ever 10k outdoors
06/5 time 54:00
16/5 time 56:24
21/5 time 51:31
24/5 time 51:24
29/5 time 52:47
10/6 time 50:59
13/6 time 50:18
19/6 time 50:31
27/6 time 52:22
02/7 time 51:05
04/7 time 49:59

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