Finally my Scrabble score averages 400 (in 694 games) – Now I’ll need to change my Who’s Who!

Finally my Scrabble score averages 400

Finally my Scrabble score averages 400

It’s taken five years, but at last my Scrabble average has finally hit 400. It is no exaggeration to say this is an ambition fulfilled – in fact, it’s even a listed aim in my Who’s Who entry.

Two weekend scores of 459 and 442 against Mrs MSE pushed me over the edge. In fact, I’ve been consistently averaging well over 400 for a long time now (in the 275 games played since we got married, I’ve averaged 412) yet, it’s taken a long time to overcome my lower scores in the first 100 or so games played when we didn’t take Scrabble so seriously.

If you’re wondering how I know all this see my: Do you love spreadsheets? blog.

Hmm what to put in my Who’s Who next year?

My recreations in the people almanac are as follows:


Recreations: Trying to get my average Scrabble score above 400, reading historic novels, playing golf very poorly, anything that involves making lists, jive, watching athletics."

As you’ll see from my blog at the time (Eek what are my hobbies?), coming up with my recreations in the first place was a hassle. Yet, having now made my Scrabble average 400, I don’t think ‘getting my Scrabble average above 410’ will work quite so well (and, I also did an 84 round at golf this weekend, so that entry will have to change to just: ‘playing golf poorly’ now).

Either way though – YIPPEE.

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