1p Father’s Day cards: is it the thought or the cost that counts?

Is it the thought or the cost that counts?

Is it the thought or the cost that counts?

Interesting reaction on Twitter to the 1p personalised photocards that were in this week’s MoneySaving Email. It seems some dads weren’t happy about the idea their offspring would only spend a penny (so to speak).

Now it’s worth noting that when writing the weekly email saving space is crucial, so I just wrote ‘1p Dad’s Day card’ – without a description, but here are some of the responses I had on Twitter.

@MartinSLewis 1p dad’s day card? Heck, we’re worth more than that!!

@MartinSLewis It’s the thought that counts

@MartinSLewis I would disown my kids if they bought me a 1p card

Even though these are mostly humorous and flippant, I thought this rather interesting. If I’m reading the comments right, it basically indicates people believe that what’s important is that enough money is spent on the card.

I suspect most people were imagining some shoddy, edge ripped, low quality card (as opposed to a high tech photo personalised one)  – but even so, would that be such a bad thing? 

Afterall it’s just a card with a picture on, isn’t what’s important the fact someone took the time and effort to send you one – rather than how much money they let slip from their pocket?