Inspired by an amazing man – Chris Hyde’s Bucket List

Inspired by an amazing man – Chris Hyde’s Bucket List

Inspired by an amazing man – Chris Hyde’s Bucket List

Chris is 45, from Kidderminster and is dying. He has brain cancer and as such has what he calls a bucket list (things he wants to do before he kicks it). Some may think it morbid; I, like many others, think it’s inspiring.

I was contacted by members of the MSE forum community, telling me about Chris’ Bucket List and the fact that one of his wishes on it was to get a congrats from me for ticking off his list. Having checked with Chris that he was genuinely happy with that, Daybreak delightfully allowed me to say it at 7.15am this morning.

On the programme I got to say hi to Chris, explain his bucket list, show a pic of him and his son with the Ferrari he drove, and mention he was just returning from a weekend at Disneyland Paris.


Update 2 June 2011: Sadly Chris has just passed away. Our thoughts go to his nearest and dearest, and I hope they take great pride in the dignified and inspiring way he conducted himself in recent months.

His sister posted this message on the forum today.

“Dear All,
Unfortunately my brother lost his battle this morning. He died peacefully at home, in no pain with his family around him.
We would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support over the past few months, we know it meant a lot to Chris and all of us.
Please understand that we need peace and time to come to terms with it all.
Love Lesley, Jo, Mike, Cyn & Family x”

RIP BRO x x x


My voice may have cracked slightly when reading the one that really got me when I first read the list.

Get my darling wife a nice gold chain so she can wear my wedding ring near her heart. DONE”

When I first read the discussion thread at home, it was reading this that made my eyes well up, and me walk over to Mrs. MSE to give her a huge kiss and tell her I loved her.

And I’ve a thank you of my own to Chris. Not a biggie, but I played golf twice (two nine holes) this weekend. As a workaholic I’d normally think playing again is profligate when there are other things to do. Yet when the impulse took me, I thought of Chris’ bucket list and the implicit message that life is precious and you should grab hold of every joyous minute when you can and as it was a sunny day I went round the course a second time.

Chris, I wish you and your family as much happiness as you can squeeze into every second.

PS. Part of writing this blog is a deliberate sneaky attempt to give Chris a relevant mention in the weekly email too.

PPS. Someone has now uploaded the Daybreak link on You Tube

PPPS. Below is the rest of the bucket list so far; though please do see his full posts in the forum to see how it’s going.

  • Trip to Ireland to visit the Giants Causeway. DONE
  • Trip to Ireland to visit and cross Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. DONE
  • Meet my gaming buddy Chris who lives in Ireland. He joined us for a meal on the Wednesday night to meet all the family, then joined us on the Causeway trip. DONE
  • An afternoon is booked for a drive around Silverstone in a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. DONE
  • A visit to a casino. DONE (Tut tut tut, ML 😉 )
  • A night at the dogs.
  • A trip to Disneyland Paris with a day or 2 in Paris (I BELIEVE THAT WAS DONE THIS WEEKEND – ML).
  • A weekend in Amsterdam.
  • A last pilgrimage to Old Trafford. Took son to loads of matches but have never done the tour.
  • A drive in an Aston Martin db9. DONE
  • Visit Cheddar Gorge again.
  • Visit Elan Valley.
  • See Snowdon.
  • See Ben Nevis.
  • A drive in a Bentley. DONE