No more “Martin logos” for Red Nose Day, St. David’s Day and more due to Google?

No more “Martin logos”?

No more “Martin logos”?

Just read this morning that Google has been granted a US patent on its doodles. In other words, it now owns the right to ‘change logos’ on websites. This is frankly a ridiculous decision, but while its unlikely to impact us, just to be safe I’m now seeking legal advice on whether we have to stop doing our "Martin Logos" we’ve been doing for many years…

This is the news article information I’ve seen (and its been reported elsewhere too), obviously that’s not much to go on so I will be asking our in-house MSE lawyer to take a look and see whether it really does spell the end, fingers crossed it won’t, but in the meantime we won’t be doing any.

Take a look in the MoneySavingExpert Logo Gallery for old ones.

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