Learning to Twitter @MartinSLewis

Learning to Twitter

Learning to Twitter

I’ve now been ‘tweeting’ for five days, but today’s story on ECJ outlawing insurance gender discrimination is the first time I’ve really seen what the whole thing is all about.

With a breaking story like this, to be able to interact and watch other people’s views as it develops at speed is what Twitter is all about. I’ve had my Facebook page for a while (see Martin Lewis Facebook) and that feels very comfortable and I enjoy it. In the past I’d never quite seen the need for doing both – though in MSE Towers the team persuaded me it was important to try.

So now I’m tweeting (see Martin Lewis Twitter) and I think I’ve got it. Here’s my summary:

  • Twitter – great for instinctive quick comment & debate.
  • Facebook – good for engaging with a group of people on one topical subject.
  • MSE Forum – best for communities to meet like minded people, engage in longer discussions that last the test of time and interrogating deals and products collectively, as well as swapping tips.

Looking forward to seeing you on Facebook and Twitter as well as here.

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