Want to buy my wallet? – I’m selling it on Sunday

Want to buy my wallet? – I'm selling it on Sunday

Want to buy my wallet? – I'm selling it on Sunday

Absolutely true, this Sunday (20 Feb) my wallet will be for sale. But it’s an urgent one-day only deal, so put it in your diary. Included in it will be money mantras and more. How much do you think it is worth?

OK now for a little more detail. This is all part of Oxfam’s campaign where during February if you donate to the global poverty charity’s campaign via a special paypal link, 100% of the money goes to good causes.

Now when I say 100% of the money, I don’t mean simply paypal won’t take a fee, it’s more than that. It’s actually paying the charities administration costs too – so if you give £10, every penny goes straight to good causes – a rarity amongst charity fundraising (we’ll be covering it in more detail in next week’s weekly email).

So if you’d like to buy my wallet (or suggest a price for it) then feel free. I’m afraid I’ve not put any cash or cards in it, but it’s a nice wallet for special occasions (no one would want my scruffy old one), with a padlock to protect your spending and lots of money savings tips. See full wallet sale detail for who else has donated, there’s many far more interesting people than me.

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