I found an ambulance quite moving

I found an ambulance quite moving.

I found an ambulance quite moving.

Strange blog this, but while driving home on my scooter last night I saw an ambulance with flashing lights in the mirror. As I was near a bend in the road, to allow the ambulance to maintain its maximum speed, I pulled to the side of the road.

Then being in the perfect visual position, I got to watch the siren laden vehicle move gracefully down the next few hundred metres with cars parting like the red sea in one wave of motion – thirty or forty vehicles acting in perfect synchronisity to allow the ambulance through.

I suddenly found my eyes were genuinely wet as I thought about everyone acting together for a good cause (well ok, I was on my bike with the visor slightly open so the air always makes my eyes water anyway). Often the road is full of rage, but suddenly when an emergency vehicle comes through – we all pull together knowing that, there but for the grace goes I.

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PS. I’ve just read this back and it’s really soppy, but what the hell, I’ll publish it anyway – those driving our ambulances deserve it.