Finally cracked a 600 score at Scrabble! Hoorah

Finally cracked a 600 score at Scrabble! Hoorah

Finally cracked a 600 score at Scrabble! Hoorah

As I’ve written here many times before, Mrs MSE and I are Scrabble obsessed. We take a board with us everywhere and play three or four times a week. As nerdy and prattish as it is, I even graph the score of every game between us and over the weekend finally I smashed my best ever score.

I got exactly 600 points, just beating my prior 596 (see I scored 596 at scrabble so why does it depress me?) from way back in Oct 2007, when Mrs MSE was just the MSG (Money Saving Girlfriend). That was a freak score in many ways, beating my then record of 481. Now I’ve hit over 500 about twenty times, but even so, I’ve still never managed to crack that score again.

Notes for posterity

My graph doesn’t include the game specifics, so for my own records, I’m going to note it here.

Back then I got 5 x bingos (seven letter words), this time it was four (Cantors, Minters, Ou[t]ages, Warri[o]r – the square brackets indicate blanks) but my mid-play was better and I also put a “ZO” with the Z on a treble letter score connecting downward with another ZO giving me 67 (the O connected to an H). Actually the score should’ve been a little higher, but I was stuck with an unused K at the end, which wouldn’t go anywhere so I lost five points.

My next target is to crack 400 as my average. It is currently 398.7 and 49.5% of the games I’ve played are over 400 (Mrs MSE is averaging 361) over the 650 odd games we’ve played. However this is proving difficult. As although my scores have improved a lot since the early days, we’ve played so much it takes a lot to change the average (e.g. since we got married in May 2009, my average is 411 and even that hasn’t shifted it over the border yet).

Before anyone comments that this level of detail is sad, yes I know, you’re right – but we love it. And now I’ve blogged it, it’s locked in. Hope it won’t be three years before I crack it again.

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