Changin’ my uniform, gulp!

Martin's original stripey shirt

Martin's original stripey shirt

For six years now I’ve been appearing on TV in stripey shirts and jeans (though on Daybreak I wear formal trousers after a request), but this week I’ve started a wee image change…

As I know some get very vexed on such issues (you’d be amazed on how many comments come through about clothes, I even wore a hat the other week and someone emailed in to ask where it came from), I thought I’d blog on where the stripes came from and why the change, before the questions come in.

The history of the stripey shirts

You may think it’s just a random peccadillo, but actually back in the mists of time there was a reason for it. After always varying what I wore, in about 2004, when my appearances were more regular, it got to be a bit of an effort choosing what to wear each time, so I decided I wanted to simplify things with a set uniform.

I didn’t want a suit as it was too formal and looked too ‘City’ but I wanted something that hinted at finance. At that point I found a few black slim fit shirts with white pin stripes and deliberately teamed them up with jeans (see the original pic) for a more casual hint at money.

Over the years that expanded to all types of stripey shirts, and even some plain ones, though no one ever comments on them. Yet now I think it’s time to vary it slightly.

The new look

Ok don’t get too worried (or joyful) as the stripey shirts are staying; this is an evolution not a revolution!

I’ve decided (with encouragement and aid from Mrs MSE) to start wearing sports jackets/ blazers (informal ones obviously) with them.

Now let me stress this isn’t a suit, it’s just a jacket over the current costume.

I hit the sales and got three so far (on telly you need variety, it’s part of the turf), all at good prices, and wore my first one last Friday on Daybreak, and have been doing the same this week.

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