The MSE Christmas pub quiz… can you beat the team?

MSE pub quiz - can you beat us?

How good’s your general knowledge? Can you beat the MSE Team? Last week was the MSE Towers Christmas party & quiz, so now I want to invite you to take part too and see how you do…

I must admit MSE Darren and I had great fun writing these. There were six rounds in total but here I’ve picked out just three. You can put your answers in the forum via the ‘comment’ link at the end. It’s one point per correct answer (unless stated) and NO GOOGLING! (I will blog the answers next Mon)

The ‘Is it Obvious?’ round

  1. How many sheep did Noah take onto his boat (according to the Old Testament)?
  2. What was the famous address resided at by Tony Blair when he was Prime Minister?
  3. How many days were there in the year 1713?
  4. If you mix the colours red and yellow what colour do you get? 
  5. How long was the 100 years war?
  6. If you had nine apples in one hand and fourteen in another, what would you have?
  7. How many men were in a typical Roman Century?
  8. How many would you have if you had a baker’s dozen of baker’s dozens?
  9. Which of the following was Ghengis Khan’s first name – Ghengis, Temujin, Chin, or Khan?
  10. Does American salt water taffy contain salt water?

Martin’s special round…

Now this is where I let myself go and wrote questions on things I enjoy – my only self-imposed barrier was it had to be on things I didn’t need to look up to know the answer…

1. Put the following historic figures in order of years they were born, oldest first: 5 POINTS

Attila the Hun
Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar

2.  What’s the maximum you can score with the word ‘Exiting’ if you have the first go in the game at Scrabble?

3.  How much does it cost to UNmortgage Park Lane in a game of Monopoly

4.  Is goat kosher?

5. Which of the following isn’t a two letter scrabble word acceptable under UK championship conditions:


6. When was the MSE original page launched; not the site, the black and white forerunner?  What month and year?

7. How many points are available in this round? 

The Picture Round

Below you’ll see the picture round, you need to name each person, then point out the odd one out and explain why (none of the team managed this – can you?).

Picture round

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