Oops I inadvertently married MSE Alana…

I don't often marry more than one woman!

I don't often marry more than one woman!

It’s not often you marry another woman in a meeting with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, but these things do happen…

Alana was in a meeting with me to discuss changes to the savings safety rules due on 31 December, mainly the max. compensation rising to £85,000, as they want me to help with communicating the changes to the wider public.

As something had been mooted about couples now being able to alter the proportions of the account that’s demarked to them, rather than 50-50, I was asking a question about it. They didn’t get it at first so I started an example:

"Suppose Alana was unlucky enough to be married to me and we had £80,000 in a joint account and I also had £50,000 in my own account with the same bank…."

It seems they didn’t hear the start of this too well (thankfully Alana did) and misunderstood me, as after I’d left they commented: "Wow I didn’t know MSE was a husband and wife team." Poor Alana nearly choked… not sure Mrs MSE would be best pleased either.

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P.S. As for the change in joint accounts, I think there was a misunderstanding and that isn’t happening, though I am awaiting clarification.