Pringles Etiquette – do they have a ‘get out of bowl’ free card?

Pringles with guests - in a bowl or in the tube?

Over the weekend I spotted a buy 1 get 2 free offer on Pringles crisps in Tesco (though the price is higher than usual – so a good deal but not rip roaring). As Mrs MSE and I were having a few people round on Sunday I grabbed ’em. Yet here’s the dilemma; when serving Pringles do you put them in a posh bowl or leave them to be popped?

Of course, if you’re eating them yourself or with family it’s a no brainer – the tube is a very effective delivery mechanism. Yet if you’re serving things for guests and other crisps and snacks are put in the nice china-ware, do Pringles have a ‘get out of bowl free’ card to be left in the rather garish tube, or should they be released?

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