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You know you've 'made it' when you're in Viz!

You know you've 'made it' when you're in Viz!

In this week’s Viz magazine, there’s a new column called ‘Look After the Purple Pennies with Money Saving Sexpert Ingledew Botterill’, and it only gets ruder after that…

I got it after a tip off from a fellow personal finance journalist who sent me this email:

“Hi Martin,

1) Go to your nearest newsagent.
2) Buy issue 201 of Viz magazine (out Thursday, but my subscription copy arrived this morning).
3) Turn to page 10.
4) Read the "Money Saving Sexpert" column.

You know you’ve really ‘made it’ when you’re parodied in Viz. Priceless! :0)”

Now it’s way too rude to reproduce (forgive the pun) here. We’re not talking large endowment type jokes, but as the standfirst says “Here are my festive tips for ensuring your sack’s emptied by a pro without breaking the bank.” 

If you’ve got a schoolboy-esque sense of humour, then reading through how they’ve reworked m’MoneySaving standards is very amusing, if extremely vulgar. I particularly like the second one, which is a close reworking of my tips for students about being careful about your cash when you’ve lost your inhibitions due to booze.

So assuming it’s a one off, I’m going to ignore the ‘passing off’ implications and suggest, if you’re into that type, that you walk into the newagent and read page 10 while you stand there (I’m sure Ingledew would approve). 

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