I’ve lost my crown as most searched person in the UK: hmmph Cheryl!

Beat by Cheryl!

Beat by Cheryl!

I’ve got Cheryl Cole above me, and Katy Perry just beneath me, but before the double-entendres spread too far, this is in the online intelligence company Hitwise’s latest ranking of the UK’s most searched people in the last 12 weeks. The power of X-Factor means the Queen of Showbiz has regally booted me off the number one spot.

Last year I was slightly gobsmacked to come tops, bizarrely pipping Barack Obama for it (now there’s something to tell the grandkids, see my More searched than Obama blog). But this year Cheryl’s beaten everyone.

Of course I’m aware and thankful that in my case it’s my tips that are being searched for, rather than info about me, but still my place in this top ten is quite fun…  (the below numbers show the overall rank in all categories).

  • Cheryl Cole  227
  • Martin Lewis 339
  • Katy Perry 352
  • Justin Bieber 363
  • Cher Lloyd 461  (wow now that’s a quick rise!)
  • Lady Gaga 477
  • Robert Pattinson 490
  • John Lennon 514
  • Katie Price 545
  • Megan Fox 561

Source hitwise top 50

Even more bizarrely is it then categorises it into groups…

  • Top Singer: Cheryl Cole
  • Top Actor: Robert Pattinson
  • Top Sportsman: Wayne Rooney
  • Top Presenter: Christine Bleakley

Then there’s my category, ‘personalities’ apparently, though I think “randoms” is probably closer. Just look at who I share it with: 2nd place Katie Price, 3rd Kim Kardashian, then Perez Hilton and Jamie Oliver!

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