Balls! I’m becoming addicted to golf

Balls! I'm addicted!

Balls! I'm addicted!

A man has just delivered a box of 100 balls ordered from Amazon for £14. Now I must admit to being quite excited about this. Yet is the fact I’ve ordered so many an indication of how much I like the game, or how bad I am at it?

I’ve never been the sportiest of blokes (though often one of the most competitive), but this summer I think I’ve finally caught the full blown golf bug.

I usually go with a buddy to a public course in West London (not a big fan of the posher private ones, I find them a bit intimidating) and over the year I finally cracked the 100 for a round (par 68) and even once managed to get as low as 86, though there’s a lot of work to be done on my game, I can drive long but not straight.

Yet lost balls are far too common, so the big box is great. If only someone could invent a ball with its own locator in. Even at double the price, for players like me it’d be MoneySaving.

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