The Levels of Well

Bed well

Bed well

How ill are you? It’s a common enough question, yet quite difficult to answer. As a classic repeated man flu victim, to let Mrs. MSE know how I’m doing I use different levels of well… ‘bed well’, ‘home well’ and more…

As my codification was well received on my Facebook page the other day I thought it was worth making it into a blog. Though it’s important to note we’re not talking about hospital level illness here…

  • 1. Not Well At All: This is the worst level, it’s when every waking moment is horrible, you feel awful and nothing will relieve it.

  • 2. ‘Bed Well’:  Tthis is where you don’t feel too bad when lying in bed, but the second you try to get out from under the duvet you feel horrendous and need to hide back under the safety of the quilt.

  • 3. ‘Home Well’: This is where when pottering about the house gently you feel pretty reasonable, but head outside for a day at normal pace and you’re really struggling.

  • 4. ‘Well’: All’s good health-wise with the possible exception of the usual aches and pains.

On many past occassions of illness I’ve felt myself gradually move up the levels (though normally anything other than ‘not well at all’ and I still head to work, probably ill advisably).

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