New Smartin Lewis: buying new clothes for Daybreak

Shopping for new look

Shopping for new look

Buying a new wardrobe isn’t the most MoneySaving thing. Yet Daybreak wants its on-air team to ‘smarten up their image’. My jeanwear doesn’t really cut it, so this a work-related purchase. So last weekend was shopping time…

I must admit at first I wasn’t best pleased about the policy, but they asked politely so I thought I better give it a go.  – and after all I count myself lucky to be one of the few that have continued through to the fresh start. I’ve always deliberately dressed in a way that doesn’t make me look like a bank manager or city worker. The striped shirts were part of that; when I first started they were all black with white stripes, a casual nod to pin stripes.

Thankfully my stripey tapered shirts are allowed to stay, but the key is a new host of non-jean trousers. So last weekend, with pockets full of vouchers, I hit the shops. Sadly I wasn’t armed with Mrs MSE, which isn’t good as I trust her taste more than mine. 

In the end I just bought two new pairs of pants and four new shirts to go with them. My ‘Mrs MSE’ success rate was 50% (apparently the serious grey pair is nice, the other, the brown pair, which will be appearing in my deals film on Lorraine tomorrow, not so).

I must admit to feeling slightly uncomfortable in the smart trousers, I’ve been in my boot cut blue jeans for so long, anything else isn’t that comfortable. Once I get used to them though, I’ll be out to buy a couple more.

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